We at COWORKOFFICEMUMBAI Build a platform to spark new ideas that work

Our dynamic co-working spaces act as labs for innovation with vibrant and flexible spaces that inspire individuals to think of new and bold ideas, solutions and realize them. Adequate access to tools and resources that range from infrastructure to technology.

Renting an office or desks in a coworking space is the good way to keep cost down while being part of a collaborative community. Being part of a coworking space is probably the best way to get your startup off the ground by building your network and increasing opportunities. Whether you are an independent business owner with a small start-up, freelancer or contract worker you could benefit enormously by setting up in a co-working office space.

   No lengthy contracts or complex legal stuff to get into. Most are just plug and play, literally.
   Network with like minded people, make new friends, clients, customers and partners.
   Goes without saying, much cheaper to start out with and then you can scale up just as easily.
   Extreme flexibility: Membership can vary from just 1 day, 3 days, 1 week or months.
   Increased sense of community and trust amongst peers
   Work at a high quality office or location otherwise beyond your budget
   Absorb new startup ideas from other industries not usually within your network
   Single entrepreneurs or small teams just starting out with their venture
   People who find it more fun and productive to work with other people


Many freelancers work from home which can often make them feel cut off from the world, if you have felt this before and thought about working in another environment, you have probably tried working from a coffee shop or in the park, however; you will quickly learn that while these spaces can make you feel more a part of something, they are not at all conducive to your work and productivity. Renting a co-working space allows workers to work independently either in an open or private office surrounded with like minded groups and individuals collaborating with each other.


Co-working spaces are an absolute hub of creativity where individual workers can draw and gain from each others experiences and ideas, supporting one another by cross promotion. Co-working spaces have huge networking potential. Discuss ideas with coworkers with a different skill set and find inspiration in others.

Share Clients

Co-working office space is a great place to team up with other members of related industries and share clients. For example, if you are a freelance copy writer you could team up with a graphic artist for your next client. If you share client information with others they will be likely to share client information with you, leading to future work.

Develop Ideas

Drawing from others in your co-working space, you will have opportunities to network with others and gain insight and free advice on your own work while drawing on your own experiences for others. Co-working office space facilities are a great place to inspire and develop ideas from professionals in your own field or related industries.


Co-working spaces will have services available to you that you are unable to afford. You will have the latest technology available to you for the small price of renting the space. Whether you choose a private or open office, you will have an amazing office and working space that you would not otherwise have access to at home or at your local coffee shop.

Professional Environment

Working in a professional environment such as a co-working space will increase your productivity and help to develop your brand. Working from home can seem UN-business-like and make your clients feel that you are small-time and unprofessional. Working in a co-working space can solve that problem and lead to networking potential and an increase in clients.

Meeting Rooms

In addition to open and private co-working offices, co-working facilities have private meeting rooms for hire. Conversing with customers and potential clients in a professional business setting will undoubtedly leave you with a competitive edge and make you look more professional. You will also have the added benefit of tech support and services.

Save Money

Renting a co-working space would probably seem like it would cost you money but it is actually great for your budget as co-working spaces are very affordable and add the benefit of providing inspiration from other coworkers with ideas and free advice plus networking with the potential of gaining new clients and business through your new colleagues.


Many co-working spaces often hold great professional development events in their offices for members to attend. These meets give coworkers even more opportunity to network and mingle with others members of the space and gain valuable insights into growing their business.

Work/Life Balance

One of the greatest benefits of co-working spaces has to be getting a better work/life balance. Working from home can often blur the lines of home and work life. Renting a co-working space can be the solution and provide you with a much needed distinction between the two.